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Why Teach Agriculture?

  • Every day is different and fun! Never have the same day TWICE.

  • Inspire the next generation of problem solvers, leaders, entrepreneurs and agriculturalists.

  • Travel the state, nation and even globe. Develop lasting relationships with colleagues across the country.

  • Make a positive difference in your community, state and world. Work with the latest agriculture, food and natural resources technology.

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Virginia Agriculture Education Stats

  • Approximately 300 programs

  • Average Salary $56,960

  • Extended Contracts varies by locality.  They range from a 10 month to 12 month contract.

Colleges/Universities with Agriculture Education pathways

​Contact: Dr. Timothy Durham,

​Contact: Dr. Chris Cantazaro,

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Name: Katie Simunich

Lousia County High School


How long have you been teaching?

5 years

What inspired you to become an agriculture teacher? I was inspired by my peers in college to become an agriculture teacher. I was on a path to become a veterinarian and was finding it was not for me. I wanted to be able to change people’s lives and enjoy what I do each day. I was very interested in agriculture and took many different ag classes in college. The passion that I saw in those around me and those who were studying to become ag teachers was amazing. I wanted that too! I immediately went to switch my major. That was the start of my journey to become an agriculture teacher.

What are some awesome things you are doing within your program?

My Small Animal  Care II students offer open groom labs one day a week after school. Teachers, parents, & community members can bring their dogs to the classroom grooming salon and have their dogs groomed by students. It allows the students to gain confidence and learn more hands-on skills on specific breeds. They are also able to learn about running a business, communication between those you work with and with clients, and professionalism. Students are able to bathe, dry, clip coats, trim nails, and clean ears all on their own with this new part of the program we’ve implemented.

What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about teaching agriculture?

I’ve found that over the 5 years that I’ve been teaching; I have been able to touch a good amount of students and inspire them to become agriculture teachers. This, to me-is the ultimate reward. I also love reaching out to students who at the start of the semester are very apprehensive about taking my course. They are the ones that by the end of the semester, never want to leave the class and love it! . 

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